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I am Mrs. Xue Feng. Zier Liu and I are the founders of Keats School. We provide one-on-one Chinese instruction. The courses are available all year round. Learning here is quite different from at a university because of our friendly environment and excellent service. The comfortable single dorm rooms provide you with the conveniences of home. The training courses are programmed to suit each student’s requirements. With the help of our excellent teachers, students can improve greatly within only a few months.

Xue Feng

About Keats
Study Abroad China, Keats School is the only Chinese language school in Kunming which offers full service and is located in the city center. We provide intensive one-on-one Chinese language instruction to overseas students. Our teachers speak standard Mandarin and fluent English. In order to meet the needs of all students, we develop individual curricula to suit each student’s proficient level and goals. (more)

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Not sure where to study Chinese?
Study Abroad China, Here are 12 reasons why study at Keats. You will have a decision after you read this. Our teaching style is designed to help students learn Chinese as quickly as possible. If you want to improve your Chinese quickly, coming to our school to study is your best choice. Keats School is a full-service Mandarin training center that takes the difficulty out of adjusting to life in China. The school's warm service will make you feel at home.

Keats Team
Study Abroad China, Our teachers, with a strong sense of responsibility, are evaluated by students and their supervisor every week. The feedback is used to help the teachers improve the Chinese instruction. In order to have a perfect Chinese course and achieve an excellent result, you can tell us your real feeling about the lessons by filling the evaluation form, and we will make changes in your class based on your requirements to attain a better result.

Programs & Fees
Study Abroad China, We provide different programs for you to choose. You could eat in our school. Our breakfast includes milk, coffee, juice, cake, bread, and a variety of fruits. We offer delicious Chinese food for lunch and supper. Calligraphy course is another feature of our school. If you don’t know any characters, you still can learn Chinese calligraphy. We also provide Tai Chi Chuan instruction in all styles as well as Kung Fu, which is easy to learn. (more)

Online Chinese
Introduction and Course Design:
The main objective of the courses are Chinese tutoring for Singaporean elementary school students(from the first grade to the sixth grade). Our goals are to help Singaporean elementary school students improve Chinese test scores to enter key middle schools..(more)

How to Apply
Applying to our school is very easy. (more)

Contact Us
Hi, my name is Liu Zi Er. Feel free to ask me any questions. I will reply to all your e-mails. I am looking forward to hearing from you.....(more)

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