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Job Opportunities

Keats School provides intensive one-on-one Chinese instruction to overseas students. We are looking for teachers to teach Chinese as a foreign language. Teachers will work in the morning or in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

1. Bachelor Degree or above
2. Healthy, responsible, patient and loyal.
2. Standard mandarin pronunciation, excellent Chinese knowledge and fluent English.
3. Major in TCFL, Chinese or English.
4. Teaching experience with teaching certificate.

All the people who are interested in our job opportunities are welcome to submit your resumes to our email address, teachers@keats-school.com. You will be notified if you are eligible for a phone interview. We will review every resume carefully. We appreciate your interest in Keats School.

If you receive an email from us about the phone interview time, then congratulations, you are one step closer to be a member of a professional and passionate team with high academic value and fine quality traditions.

If you pass the phone interview, you will be eligible to have the face-to-face interview. Please prepare the things below for the face-to-face interview.

  1. Answer the interviewer’s questions in English
  2. Answer grammar questions in Chinese

If you pass the face-to-face interview, you will be eligible to take the pre-training test both in English and in Chinese.


If you pass the pre-training test, you will be required to take the Keats exclusive training.

Training Process for New Teachers

Stage 1: Basic Theory of Chinese

           I.    Phonetic

    1. General introduction of Pinyin system.
    2. Initials of Pinyin
    3. Finals of Pinyin
    4. Rules of initials and finals
    5. 4 tones
    6. Rules of 4 tones

           II.   Lexis

      1. General introduction of Chinese characters
      2. General introduction of Chinese words
      3. Compound of Chinese words
      4. Discrimination of special words

III. Grammar

    1. General introduction of Chinese grammar system
    2. Noun and measure words
    3. Verb, adverb and adjective
    4. Auxiliary words
    5. Dominate sentences and sentence order
    6. Complement


The first examination: it is on the basic theory of Chinese. Teachers who pass the first examination are eligible to move to the next training stage.


Stage 2: Methods for One-on-one Chinese Teaching

          I.   Requirements for a qualified Chinese teacher

               1.   How to be a good Chinese teacher?
               2.   Requirements of Chinese knowledge
               3.   Requirements of teaching theory
               4.   Requirements of teaching methods

         II.   One-on-one Chinese teaching method
               1.   How to teach Pinyin including initials, finals and tones.
               2.   How to teach Chinese characters.
               3.   How to teach vocabulary.
               4.   Methods for oral expressing teaching
               5.   Methods for listening teaching
               6.   Methods for reading and writing
               7.   Methods for grammar teaching
               8.   4 dominate teaching methods of Keats School
               9.   Creative teaching methods encouragement

The second examination: it is on the one-on-one Chinese teaching methods. Teachers are required to present their designs according to different questions. Teachers who pass the second examination are eligible to move to the next training stage.


Stage 3: One-on-one Class Teaching Design

  1. Introduction of the textbooks which are used in daily teaching.
  2. How to use the textbooks to adapt the student’s learning aim.
  3. Proper words and right speed during teaching
  4. Standard handwriting during teaching
  5. Preparation for a class
  6. Common process on class teaching
  7. Summarize a class
  8. How to write the daily teaching plan


The third examination: it is on the one-on-one class teaching design.

  1. Teachers are required to hand in teaching plans according to requirements. Secondly,
  2. They will give a sample lessons, evaluated strictly by Keats’ founders, directors and teaching supervisor.
  3. Evaluators will give direct reviews on every presentation.

If teachers have excellent presentations, they are eligible to move to the next training stage.


Stage 4: Keats School’s regulations

  1. Different learning aims of students
  2. The first meeting with student
  3. The record and personal teaching plan for each student
  4. Keats School’s regulations
  5. Evaluation system of Keats School
  6. Necessary qualities for a Keats teacher

Lastly, we will assign a teacher to a student according to personal characters of the teacher and the student, inter-language level of the teacher and the other requirements of the student.


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