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    Zhemi in Jinping County, Yunnan Province, is the main place that Keats School is helping. Zhemi, at the border of China and Vietnam, is one of the poorest villages in China. There is no train to Zhemi, only a narrow path. Seven minority groups live there. Zhemi has 33 primary education centers. The largest one has 317 students, and the smallest one has 12 students. Currently, the government provides textbooks for the students for free, but what they badly need are books to read after school. Keats School not only offers them help directly, but also encourages other people to join us to help them together. No matter if you are Chinese or a foreigner, we invite you to join us to help them—donating books.


-          Keats Charity, an organization to collect books and clothes for disadvantaged kids in
 remote parts of China,
started the "Sunflower Project"in 2007.

-          Directed by Liu Zier, the"Sunflower Project" has collected more than 30 ,000 new books valued more than 350,000 RMB, about 20,000 second-hand books, and some new shoes, clothes and blankets.

-          These things were sent to 7 villages and over 20,000 students benefited. The project has received support from 9 local newspapers and magazines.



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