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Keats Team


Keats Team: Passion, Persistence, Patience

Xue Feng      Founder and Director

       I am Mrs. Xue Feng. Located in the city center, Keats School is one of the top Chinese language schools in China. We provide one-on-one Chinese instruction. The courses are available all year round. Learning here is quite different from at a university because of our friendly environment and excellent service. All teachers receive professional training. The comfortable single dorm rooms provide you with the conveniences of home. The training courses are programmed to suit each student’s requirements. With the help of our excellent teachers, students can improve greatly within only a few months. If you are planning a short-term Chinese training course in China, our school is your best choice. Thank you! 


Liu Zier      Founder and General Manager

        Hi there. My name is Liu Zier. I deal with all the issues that Keats students will have during their stay in our school. My job is marketing, emails response, and school management. I have been working at Keats School since the school started, and I like my job a lot. I believe communicating is the best way to know each other. Please talk to me whenever you need help or you want us to improve. You will have memorable experience after studying here because Keats School not only provides qualified Chinese instruction, but also impresses you with our teachers’ passion and dedication. 

Huang Qiuyan     Teaching Supervisor

        My name is Huang Qiuyan, the teacher of Keats School with experience in teaching Chinese. I can speak standard Mandarin and fluent English. As a leader of an excellent team, I am responsible for every teacher’s teaching quality and school management. Our teachers’ team would like to offer the class which you are interested in and want. Our main aim is to help you achieve your learning goal. I will help you choose the suitable material from several series of teaching materials we offered. You are welcomed all the time to ask me any questions of teaching and learning and I will be a good listener.


Liu Shu                                                             Yao Changhong

Teaching quality control Team


        Keats School believes that the teaching quality is the fundamental element of being a successful Chinese language school. Therefore, the teaching quality control team is responsible for checking teacher’s preparation, organizing teaching conference every two weeks, training new teachers, and collecting students’ feedback form every week to make improvements in time. 

Keats Teachers

        Our teachers, with a strong sense of responsibility, are evaluated by students and their supervisor every week. The feedback is used to help the teachers improve the Chinese instruction. In order to have a perfect Chinese course and achieve an excellent result, you can tell us your real feeling about the lessons by filling the evaluation form, and we will make changes in your class based on your requirements to attain a better result. Keats teachers have teaching conference every two weeks to communicate new methods of teaching and students’ feedback.



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