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Online Chinese Course for Singaporean Elementary School Student


Ⅰ.Introduction and Course Design:

    1.The main objective of the courses are Chinese tutoring for Singaporean elementary school students(from the first grade to the sixth grade). Our goals are to help Singaporean elementary school students improve Chinese test scores to enter key middle schools.

    2.Because the tutoring is one-on-one, Keats teachers will flexibly design the courses according to students’ levels of Chinese.

During the entire teaching progress, Keats teachers will arrange the course below:

    1)Supplementary Chinese tutoring in the same pace with school`s Chinese learning. According to what students have learnt in school, teachers will tutor students who have difficulties or problems in Chinese to improve the test scores. To enrich the knowledge about Chinese for top students, Keats teachers help to learn the contents which are not included in their text books or common daily learning so that students’ Chinese levels will be improved rapidly, leaving other students behind.

    2)Specific tutoring on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Tutoring students on the weak parts of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Aiming at developing and keeping students Chinese abilities in balance.

    3)Intensive exams tutoring. Several weeks before the tests, our teachers will do a complete review, especially for the students who are in the 6th grade and will enter the middle school soon. Teachers will tutor students, using various exercises and exam skills so that students can do better in the Chinese exam.

    3.  Make Chinese interesting. In view of children teaching, during the whole teaching process, teachers will teach Chinese under a happy and enjoyable atmosphere with special teaching methods for children. Make children love Chinese and look forward to Chinese classes, and in addition, this is the magic key of Keats Children Chinese.

Ⅱ.Teaching Management:

    1.Teaching supervisor of online Chinese teaching course is in charge of the all teaching instruction and arrangements. Teaching quality control team leaders are in charge of the teachings of every 5 teachers. An Exam Study Group (ESG) will focus on the exams study and generate new exercises and practice tests according to the Singaporean Chinese exam objectives.

    2.Online lessons take place in web-oriented classrooms.

    3.Parents need to fill out a ‘Teaching Feedback Form’ every week. Teaching quality control team leaders will discuss with every teacher directly on problems or details according to parents’ comments and find better teaching methods to improve teaching effects.

    4.Teaching quality control team leaders will have a direct meeting with parents once a week via Skype, asking information about teaching and learning efforts as well as the score that has been achieved.

    5.Keats School will organize a teaching conference every week. Teachers can exchange teaching experiences and get advices and new materials from ESG.

    6.Teaching supervisor, ESG, teaching quality control team leaders and the teacher will investigate on the problems and find a solution together to help students whose results of Chinese tests are not improved obviously.

Ⅲ.Students Management:

    1.Students should attend class at the arranged time. If the student could not be on class on time, students should notice Keats School at least 3 hours in advance. Keats School will arrange other time for make-up lessons or an appropriate time for the students in 3 days.

    2.If students miss class by reason of their teachers, Keats School will also notice the students and arrange another time to make up missed class as soon as possible.

    3.Students should coordinate well with teachers during learning and complete the teachers` assignments.

    4.During the entire learning process, we also need parents’ cooperation. To achieve an effective and well targeted tutoring result, parents are required to scan the mistakes from every Chinese exam, and the mistakes from school`s assignments, and send them to Keats School via E-mail with student`s name and exam date. Moreover, we need parents to help finish other assignments such as dictation, time-limited essay, etc.

    5.In order to stimulate students` study interests to attend on-line Chinese course on time and improve their learning results, teachers will reward students  when the students meet teachers` requirements and have achievements.  When a student cumulates  to a certain amount, he or she will receive a gift sent from China. Moreover, if there is a birthday during student`s learning process, Keats School will also send a Chinese gift to him or her.

Ⅳ.  Parents shall not to pay and hire Keats School`s online teachers secretly. Keats School is a united teaching team. In order to preserve our high teaching quality, Keats School will have follow-up supervision on each teacher`s teaching, furthermore, Keats School will support each teacher`s teaching, giving teachers continuous teaching trainings and teaching advices. Therefore, if a teacher was hired privately, the teacher must leave our team and no longer obtain teaching supports or use updated teaching resources from ESG. In this case, the teaching quality and learning results cannot be guaranteed.

Ⅴ.  Online Chinese Course Time Schedule:



Ⅵ.  Fees

  1. 25 SGD per hour.
  2. At least 2 hours each class, 2 classes (4 hours) per week.
  3. At least 40 hours per payment. If you need to extend your learning, you need to transfer the next payment into our bank account 3 days in advance.
  4. If students are not satisfied with their teachers, the students have rights to switch teachers or discontinue their learning. In this condition, students will get remaining fee after deducting the fee used.

Ⅶ.  How to Apply?

Students or their parents fill in the registration form → Keats School will offer students a test according to the register form. → Teachers have an online meeting directly with students and their parents to ask for more details, students` Chinese level and specific requirements. → Teachers will give a teaching plan based on students` needs. And give a one-hour sample lesson. → If students are satisfied with their teachers and decided to buy our courses, a one-time payment of 40 hours tuition fee is required to transfer to Keats School`s bank account. → Keats School will arrange a time to start the course after receiving students` payments.
Payment options:
Option 1: Western Union

Name: Xue Feng
City: Kunming, China

Option 2: Bank Transfer
ACCOUNT NAME: XUE FENG (Please do not write Keats School instead of Xue Feng)
ACCOUNT NO.914666020193052
PAYEE'S TELEPHONE NO. 0871-3128853

Ⅷ.  Why choose Keats School?

  1. One-on-one Chinese instruction is the most efficient way to learn and improve Chinese and it meets the different needs of the individual students. Keats teachers are almost the same as home tutors. The course is designed by our teachers according to the actual levels and needs of students, a perfect combination of learning and practice. The teaching atmosphere is enjoyable so students can learn Chinese with strong interests. With cooperation of students, results of teaching will be satisfied and obvious.
  2. Excellent and qualified teachers. Keats School`s teachers mainly majored in Chinese, TCFL (teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) and English. They are trained professionally.  All our teachers are patient, friendly and enthusiastic.
  3. Strict teaching quality control. Teaching quality guarantee that your money worth to choose Keats School. One-on-one teaching instruction is almost the same as tutor`s. However, Keats School is a teaching team. We are responsible for our teaching quality and every student. We check on teachers` daily teaching and concern about students` learning efforts. The Exam Study Group (ESG) is organized for studying the Singaporean elementary Chinese exams, especially for the middle school entrance exam. ESG will update exercises and practice tests for students` needs.
  4. Stay in your home and enjoy a native Chinese teaching. We offer a Chinese domestic price. It is worth and fairly inexpensive.




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